Arquitectura Racional considers ENERGY from an economic and social point of view, as an affordable good which should not be an added charge to people’s expenses.
That is why we bet on environmentally friendly energies at lower costs than in a traditional dwelling.
Arquitectura Racional provides its buildings with geothermal, micro co-generation and solar energy and/or GHP pumps, depending on the best option for their location.


Air conditioning with geothermal energy is an innovative system applied to Arquitectura Racional dwellings by profiting from the great thermal inertia existing at certain depth in the earth crust. As it keeps a steady temperature along the year, the used heat pump requires less work for energy transfer.


It is base don the use of the heat generated by a thermal machine planned to generate electricity, as a heat source for comfort needs. It is especially useful in places where no continuous thermal energy source is needed. This solution based on heat generation by means of micro co-generation is used for heating-cooling systems. A very advantageous system due to the following characteristics: -It does not depend on weather conditions, -it is developed in a very reduced place in comparison with solar energy, -Losses are greatly prevented as energy is generated in the same place. –It is clean energy and greatly reduces C02 emissions


A very well known kind of energy along the national territory, probably the most spread out of all existing renewable energies. Produced with photovoltaic cells which get capture solar radiation and convert it into domestic use energy at a small or large scale, depending on the availability.