Marquet Roquetas de Mar


The project deals how to renew the actual function of the market according to the needs of the society nowadays.
The restoration of markets around all European cities follows the same aims of use, not only as a market, as well as a place where people meets with many public places of interest and another several activities.
The actual site is the first view that visitors have when they get into the city, then the main façade becomes an important image of the city. This project sees the space around as a great public square and meeting point where Roquetas de Mar opens to its port.


Our project tries to decrease cars flow around the market and improve spots where people is able to interact nicely.
The proposal renews and revitalizes the existing building creating pedestrian area around the market where social relationships grows up day a day.
We change the existing pedestal for a succession of ascendant areas until it arrives to the market levels, where we create sitting places and different terraces. Then this intervention solves accessibility and surrounding public space.
The market spreads out the square what allows the social interaction between both and public street.


Our proposal divides the market in three different areas with several uses, depending on necessities of the moment.
The market becomes a see-through space that spreads out to the inside. We release the space of perimeter allowing to open façades, getting better “walk-flows”, air circulation and natural lightning.
The arrangement of stalls follows a lineal rhythm, that it´s broken in some way to create chilling areas among stalls, allowing customers a break for chatting and chilling during their purchases.
The services program becomes an only stripe giving formal and architectural identity as the old market was.
We propose the creation of a new space as a gastronomic area with an indoor-outdoor uses depending on different seasons of year. Designing an alternative sequence of gaps we create a façade completely open/close using glass doors, allowing different flows along the seasons of the year.
Being the market´s roof the main part of the project, we consider the restoration without any alterations on it, then we are able to release the roof of any kind of electrical, air conditioning system.


There are 75 stalls of 10sqm that they would gather around depending on the shop-keeper needs.
It´s proposed the same kind of unit for all required stalls, adapting the different selling products to the different sizes of the stalls.
Thinking about the traditional or street trade stalls, the units are made with basic metal structure, really light and define the spot of stalls.
On the top side of the stall structure are disposed several bars in different directions that close in some way the space and allows natural illumination and ventilation. The desks inside stalls are designed according to the function of each one.


Revivification of the market includes providing a comfortable climate inside the building as well as makes an improvement of the façade. At the same time the solution must be as much energy efficient as it´s
possible, reducing energy demand of the building, costs and CO2 emissions.
To reduce the thermal charge it´s proposed several improvements on the wrapping as, low radiation glass and thermal isolation inside the market and passive outdoor improvements as several kinds of deciduous trees, pergolas, etc.